Elena Rogatinskaya


Personal info:

Name:аа Elena Rogatinskaya

Location: Saransk, Mordoviaа

Phones:а mobile +7(906) 3781039

E-mail :а euro-paint @ yandex.ru

Nationality:ааа Russian

Age, Gender:ааа 18, f

Residential status:а Russian resident


Plain text version of CV




Four years experience in:

* Painting as professional illustrator/designer;

One year experience in:

* Computer-based painting for e-commerce, animations, games, tiles, CD-covers.



Major assignment:


April 2004 - Present

MRGroup Moscow, Russia



Currently, I am working as freelance designer at software company.

My projects:

*а CD covers for games, special for MediaWorldа ( you can see samples at my gallery )

*а Puzzle game design, the character design, elements of game like: borders, tiles, sprites. ( you can see samples at my gallery )



July 2004 - Sep 2004

Handy Entertainment. (www.handyent.com)

International e-commerce company


* Made more than 30 animations and cartoons for RiverLand screensavers. Examples at my gallery, or online at HandyEnt.com



Jan 2004 - Feb 2004

AkorSoftware ( www.akorsoft.com)


* Made character design for new game , menus, backgrounds. Examples at my gallery.





Sep 1995 - Jul 2000

Saransk, Russia

Designer College

* School-leaving certificate with cum loude.


Sep 1993 - Jun 2001

College in Saransk.First school education.



Familiar Software/Technologies:

* Corel Painter,Adobe Illustrator,Adobe Photoshop, GifAnimator, Adobe ImageReady, PIMSs, Internet.



Personal statements:

* I am a modest, versatile and creative person. I enjoy working as a team member and communicate well.I have professional outlook with attention to detail, a sense of humor and positive attitude contributing factors to provide results. Ability to work standalone.




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